Ukraine's president Zelenskyy says his country is preparing for more attacks from Russia.

April 11, 2022


Ukraine is preparing for the second phase of this war. Putin is now shifting into the east.

Russian troops are amassing in the eastern part of the country.

New satellite images show an eight mile long Russian military convoy headed towards the northeastern city of kharkiv.

City of Kharkiv has now been hit by Russians 66 times in the last 24 hours

In a recent attack on a train station, 57 people died including 5 childrens.

Many Ukranians have been trying to flee the east ahead of Russia's next attack

Putin has named a new commander in Ukraine general alexander Devonikov.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently visited Kyiv with Zelenskyy.

A campaign where human rights investigators say Russian forces deliberately targeted civilian populations and destroyed cities.

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